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GAIA Beauty Distribution

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The partners of GAIA Beauty Distribution are fanatical about offering high quality professional nail supplies at great prices, so they opened their own bilingual Vietnamese-American supply distribution company.

One day, a GAIA partner, Anthony Nguyen, had an idea he shared with Jim Gray. As he sketched his idea, the partners realized they had found an incredible solution to multiple dipped nail manicure problems technicians were encountering. The GAIA team worked hard, combining talent, passion, skill and experience to bring the sketch to life in the form of the Dapping Cup.

Made of medical and food grade stainless steel, Dapping Cups can be cleaned, disinfected and reused saving hundreds of dollars over the disposable options. Special slots keep dipping powder at just the right level driving excess powder through the slots away from the dipping area. As a result, your work area stays cleaner, and waste is kept to a minimum. Finally, you can take your customers nails to the next level without the mess and frustration of the process.

Meet The Team

Anthony Nguyen

GAIA Partner

Anthony has over 25 years of experience in the beauty industry, from a nail technician to owning a chain of nail salons. Anthony’s has been recognized as an industry leader and earned countless awards. As a cleanliness fanatic he recognized the challenges customers and technicians faced with common dipping powder practices and the containers used. Common complaints are the disposable dipping cups are flimsy and germy. Anthony applied his industry experience and expertise and created the Dapping Cup solution.

Jim Gray, GAIA Team Member

Jim Gray

GAIA Partner

Jim is an experienced engineer with over 30 years of expertise in a wide variety of industries including product development. Jim’s strong business knowledge and finance strengths fit perfectly into the GAIA BD team as the behind-the-scenes advisor that keep the business polished. Jim used his engineering talent to develop the Dapping Cup along with his partner Anthony and he has more innovations coming soon to a salon near you.


Answers to common questions

a Dapping Cup is a tool used to premeasure the right amount of dipping powder for one customer to receive her dip powder manicure. The cup can then be disinfected before using again.

Once the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology learned about the Dapping Cup, they began rewriting salon regulations to allow reusable powder cups, but only when they can be disinfected like the Dapping Cup.

The reuse of dipping powder containers has become widespread throughout the nail industry. The recent pandemic made us more aware of the risk in reuse. The Dapping Cup is a sturdy medical grade cup that can be disinfected between customers.

Until the Dapping Cup came along, with it’s Stainless steel construction that can be disinfected between use, customers were effectively sharing a jar. People use gloves to open doors and handle a gas pump. Why would you put your hands in a cup that hasn’t been disinfected?

When you make your next appointment, request your nail technician use the dapping cup from GAIA Beauty Distribution.