Dapping Cup Manicures

What You Need to Know about the Dapping Cup

The dapping cup is an essential tool in the nail salon industry, particularly for dip powder manicures. Here’s what people in the nail salon industry should know about the dapping cup for dip powder manicures. 

Function and Purpose 

The Dapping Cup is a two-part tool system to make dip powder manicures safer everywhere. A food grade slotted stainless steel cup nests inside a heavy-duty plastic base cup. One or two twists of the stainless-steel cup measures and holds enough powder for one full dip powder manicure process. It provides a convenient and hygienic way to prepare and apply dip powder products. After the powder application, you can disinfect the base cup, and either disinfect or sterilize the inner stainless steel cup between uses. 

Versatility of The Dapping Cup  

The layered cups form a versatile tool that can be used to measure, mix and hold different powders used in dip powder manicures. The 2-part system is commonly used to measure out enough nail dip powder for each patron’s nail finish application without the mess powder can create through other application methods.  

Hygiene and Cleanliness 

The dapping cup helps maintain a clean and hygienic working environment in the nail salon. By disinfecting the set between different clients, you can make sure your dipping powder is not shared,. That how you will minimize the the risk of cross-contamination. This 2 part measuring powder system will protect the safety and well-being of both nail technicians and the client. 

Ease of Use  

We designed this dip powder system to be user-friendly and easy to handle. It has a wide opening and a stable base, making it convenient for nail technicians to mix and work with the dip powder products. One or two twists of the slotted inner cup fills the right amount of powder for each application. It really is that simple! 

Availability and Options 

 The dapping cup is available at GAIA beauty Distribution, and online here. You’ll love the compact, yet easy to handle design. And at only twenty dollars a set, it will quickly become the most affordable, as well as safest, way to give your patrons a beautiful dip powder manicure, without the waste and mess of other systems.  

GAIA Products 

Remember, the dapping cup is an essential tool for dip powder manicures, supplying convenience, hygiene, and versatility in the nail salon industry. By using this tool or dip powder system correctly and maintaining proper hygiene practices, nail technicians can ensure a high-quality and safe manicure experience for their clients.   Although GAIA sells lots of quality beauty products that we’re proud of, we’re most proud to exclusively offer the Dapping Cup. It’s an easy, affordable way to stay compliant and protect your dip powder manicure patrons. At only $20.00, the Dapping Cup for dip manicures is available to every nail salon professional. 

In fact, the change to a safer, more hygienic nail dipping process is so easy, you’ll wonder why you put it off. Get one and try it on a co-worker. You’ll find it’s easy to use, easy to disinfect and everything it claims: Simple. Hygienic. Safe. Clean. 

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