National Relaxation Day at the nail salon

Spending National Relaxation Day at the Nail Salon

August 15 is national relaxation day and we can’t think of a better way to spend it than by relaxing at your favorite nail salon.  After all, spending a day in a nail salon on any day can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for several reasons.

Manicure at the nail salon for relaxation

Pampering and Self-Care

Sometimes you really need to indulge yourself in self-care and pampering.  Getting a manicure and pedicure can make you feel good about yourself.  That boost of self-confidence goes with you when you go back to the rest of your daily routine and impacts everything else you do.

Physical Relaxation

Part of the process of getting a manicure or pedicure often involves soaking, massaging and gentle exfoliation of your hands or feet. Just by their still nature, these activities promote physical relaxation, alleviate tension and provide relief from stress.  One woman told me when she is in the middle of a crisis; she tries to find a way to get to the nail salon.  Nothing keeps her calmer than sitting back and letting her nail tech take over.

Take the Time to Disconnect

Life can get hectic.  Yet when you go to your local nail salon, you have an opportunity to silence the phone and disconnect from your daily routine and noise.  It’s really a chance to take a break from work, social media and other responsibilities. You deserve a little time to focus solely on yourself.  Most of us do better at those responsibilities when we take a little time away from them.


While we’re discussing relaxation, we should mention mindfulness.  Being still for a manicure or pedicure encourages focus on the present moment.  It encourages awareness of the sensations you’re experiencing and helps alleviate stress and anxiety. It may not be something we think about, but the manicure process can contribute to our mindfulness too.

The Nail Salon Sensory Experience

If you take a little time to look around at your salon, chances are it has a soothing atmosphere with soft lighting, calming music and comfortable seating.  The combination of these elements is another reason patrons unwind and soak in the sensory experience provided.

Social Interaction

Alternatively, you can choose to go to the nail salon with friends or family.  Then your trip to the salon turns into a social outing.  Spending time with those you care about and sharing enjoyable treatments often enhances the overall relaxation experience.  Think about who you’d like to share a few hours of relaxation with.

Aesthetic Enhancement

Manicures and pedicures are not just relaxing.  They also result in aesthetically pleasing nails. It’s nice to feel well turned out.  It boosts your confidence and improves your overall appearance.  Like it or not, others judge us by first impressions and split or chewed unpolished nails don’t help make positive connections.

A day at the nail salon is relaxing, satisfying and confidence boosting for many. To be fair, the effectiveness of relaxation methods varies from person to person. If you enjoy getting your nails done, then spending a day in the nail salon is a wonderful way to celebrate National Relaxation day. We work with a number of salons who work to keep their salons safe and hygienic as well as relaxing. If you prefer dip manicures, don’t forget to ask for the Dapping Cup to protect yourself.  Meanwhile, regardless of whether you pop in today or next week, take a day for yourself to relax.  It can benefit not only you, but all of those around you.

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