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2023 Summer Wedding Favorite Manicure Styles

Bridal nails used to mean classic pink shade or the quintessential French manicure.  Don’t get me wrong, those were beautiful too, but today’s nail art has evolved into some absolutely gorgeous updated alternatives for summer wedding for brides and their guests. Here are some favorites we love too.

Favorite Nail Shape of the 2023 Manicure

Nail Shape of 2023 is short stiletto
Nail Shape of 2023 is short stiletto

Stilettos – love them in dress shoes and love the user friendly short stiletto nails too.  Nails don’t have to be crazy long to have personality. And I’m delighted that 2023 is the year of the short stiletto nail –they go everywhere and dress up or down.

Mismatched nail designs 

You or your clients don’t need to settle on one design.  After all there are ten nails and each can show off its own beauty.  Some brides choose a bouquet of floral designs that are different but coordinated.  Others choose glitter, pearls or chrome or each of those finishes.  Brides can take pleasure in a one of a kind bridal look on their special day and still look amazing.

Have it all with the mismatched nail manicure

Metallic Accents on Soft Colors

Gold is a classic and a little gold over aura nails are just enough to pick up the same gold in that new ring. This year, delicate swirls, leaf, or glitter in silver or gold can be stunning yet feminine over summer pastels. We’ve seen glitter French nails with jeweled accents too.  The fun is that every design is unique to the patron wearing it.  It’s not like seeing your dress on another guest; it’s one of a kind.

Manicure iwth metallic accents on soft colored nails
Manicure iwth metallic accents on soft colored nails

Stunning Metallic and Pearl Solid Nails

The gown, the guests, the jewelry all sparkles.  Why not add a little pop to conservative nail options.  Chrome and pearl nail treatments make a sophisticated backdrop to that beautiful ring.  For wedding guests, these nails make a beautiful statement without stealing the show from the rest of the glamour or the bride.

Manicure with Metallic and Pearl solid Nails

Swirls and Embellishments

On a day when so many brides and their attendants still flaunt beautiful laces, nail technicians are picking up that design in white or metallic swirls over pastel nails. While swirls have been trending for a few years now, we needed to mention them because they are fast becoming a classic favorite.

Marble Effect

Different textures are suddenly everywhere.  Creative nail technicians are adding a marbled effect by swirling together two or more nail polish gel colors.  The end effect is a unique textured look. Some nail salon technicians use a few light and a darker nail color to get the accents the make marble truly beautiful. 

Pink Never Goes Out of Fashion

Did we mention there is a color brides sometimes opt for that always looks fresh and sweet?  Pink is a timeless classic that gets an update with sparkles or swoops or swirl accents.  While today’s brides may opt for other colors, pink never looks wrong on a youthful summer bride.

A Nod to Talented Nail Technicians

Each bride who walks out of her nail salon with a uniquely beautiful manicure for her wedding has an artist at work on her hands.  We are privileged to have a front row seat to see many gorgeous creative and aptly names nail art.  We just want to give a nod of thanks to all those talented nail technicians who make our patrons feel beautiful, with gorgeous nails in any color and design they can imagine. Your specialty nail designs, or nail art, remind us of why we are in this beautiful industry.  It is also why we work hard to keep everyone safe and healthy.

GAIA – Supporting Your Creativity one Nail Product at a Time

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The change to a safer, more hygienic nail dipping process is so easy you’ll wonder why you put it off.  Get a Dapping cup and practice once on a coworker.  You’ll find it’s easy to use, easy to disinfect and everything it claims:  Simple, Hygienic, Safe, Clean.

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