Why are dip manicure fans so loyal

Why Dip Manicure Fans Are So Loyal

Just what makes dip manicure fans so loyal?  We looked into and are sharing what we discovered. These manicures fill a void in the nail art industry. They are lightweight, rich and durable beyond any other nail manicure methods.  The dip powder method for nail manicures combine pigmented powder with special bases and sealers.  The end results are extremely attractive, durable manicures.

Endurance in a Class All Their Own

First, dip powder manicures are in a class all their own when it comes to endurance.  Regular and gel polishes are prone to chipping and peeling especially for those who are tough on their hands.  This manicure method allows the lightweight pigmented powder to be applied in layers of bond that makes chipping less likely and nearly invisible when it does happen.  For patrons who work with their hands a lot or are short on time for weekly manicure maintenance, a dip powder treatment is a stroke of luck. Please note: lifting weights, manual dishwashing and other manicure abuse still brutalizes nails, no matter which manicure method is used.

Safety over Gel Nail Method

No UV Light or Monomer Inhalation

Experts often agree that dip nails are a safer alternative to acrylics because they don’t present monomer inhalation risk during dip application.  Still, removing that risk is only beneficial if you’re getting your dip powder manicure in a clean salon with sanitary dip manicure practices, like use of the Dapping Cup.  Perhaps more concerning is the UV light required to set a gel nail manicure.  The skin cancer foundation suggests extra care to reduce carcinoma risk to hands from regular UV lamp use. Unfortunately, few patrons exercise application of sunscreen just prior to the UV Lamp gel setting step.

There are New Ways to Disinfect a Dipping Cup

The Dapping Cup is an exclusive GAIA product that recently became the only state approved reusable dipping cup for each dip manicure. The approval is based on the ability to sanitize the cup that measures the exact amount of dip powder for your manicure with just a twist of the cup.  The food grade stainless steel dip cup rests in a base that can be easily disinfected between uses too.  The set is a new approach to dip powder safety and is remarkably priced at less than $20 a set.  The Dapping Cup measure feature virtually eliminates left over powder waste and powder dusted salon workstations.

More Safety by Avoiding These Chemicals

Another way to ensure dip powder safety is to make sure any nail product used is free of harmful chemicals.  We’re referring to Toluene, Formaldehyde and Dibutyl Phthalate, known as the 3 chemicals to avoid. Many nail salons strive to minimize all risk to their patrons regardless of the manicure method, but safety is another reason dip manicure fans are loyal to their process. They lack the irritating fumes and UV radiation of the gel manicures, yet they last longer. 

Endurance, Safety and Less Sensitivity triggers

In short, when you want intricate detailed nail art, you may still prefer gel nail manicures.  But for busy people who do a lot with their hands, dip powder is in a class of its own.  For people sensitive to fumes or worried about the chemicals used for gel manicures, Dip powder is their go to manicure method.  It will last and retain its beauty for much longer than other manicure methods.

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