Nail salon balances talent and safety

How a Successful Nail Salon Balances Talent and Safety

Operating a nail salon means becoming intimately familiar with your staff’s talents and safety protocols. It requires an overview of the manicurist’s and nail technician’s tasks, tools and safety, their requirements and work and then balancing all of it.

Nail Salon- balance between talent and safety

Manicurist at a Nail Salon

Manicurists like Nail technicians are licensed professionals. That means they completed a training program and passed a subsequent exam. At the nail salon they supply basic nail care services like filing, buffing and polishing nails. Though we use the word basic, it leaves plenty of essential work that is managed by manicurists. They may perform client’s hand or feet massages and use powders, gels, acrylics, nail extensions, tips and wraps. Talent in these areas can lead to healthy profit margins.

Often, manicurists own their own salons, so we need to include business manager as one of the job roles they fill. Owning their own salon means they may also oversee salon safety procedures. In addition to the talent they show in nail, hand and foot care, safety is critical to staying in business and maintaining patron trust.

Nail Technician for a Nail Salon

A nail technician enhances the nail using gel products or acrylic products. They can add strength to the natural nail and change the shape, color and effect of the nails. Though nail enhancement is an art, it is also technical. East step of the process is tailored to the needs of each client. The artistic talent of a nail artist comes through when they begin to enhance with color, glitter, rhinestones, hand drawing and in the shaping of the finished nail. All of these components combine to create a unique style for the salon patron. When done well, the patron becomes incredibly loyal to their favorite nail salon.

The nail tech’s art is what patrons come to experience; the salon safety is what they depend upon. Patron notice the care a nail salon takes with disinfecting and cleaning tools. Disposable supplies must be thrown out in a closed off wastebasket. While patrons may not have safety on their minds, if the nail technician picks up a used disposable nail file to work on their hands, of course they will notice. And you just ran the risk that they may never return.

The Balancing Art with Safety

That means finding the balance between the talented professionals in a salon and the safety measures outlined by the state licensing agency. To help make the disinfection process a little easier, GAIA designed a new cup for dip powder manicures. This two piece Dapping Cup can be quickly and easily disinfected between uses.

No brush is needed to distribute just the right amount of dip powder to cover one patron’s nails. One twist fills the cup with just the amount of dipping powder you need. If you want extra twist the cup one more time. The dip powder cup is made of food grade stainless steel and can be disinfected or sterilized. The outer piece holds the Dapping Cup stable in a heavy reusable cup that is easy to clean and disinfect between uses.

Your nail artist can save their brush strokes for their artwork that goes over the durable dip powder finish. Your patrons will love the long lasting base so they can enjoy their nail art longer. But most of all, your patrons will appreciate that your nail salon took steps to keep them healthy and safe. For more information or to buy your own Dapping Cup, click here.

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