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Top Nail Salon Trends This Season

Nail salon trends in 2023 are new or trends carried over from 2022 that are barely recognizable, but we think you’ll identify them. Since summer is here and there are so many fresh, fun and exciting ideas, we have to share our top nail salon favorite trends this season.

Glazed donut Nails

You might be surprised to learn that the glazed donut nails of 2022 are still popular.  Maybe that’s because nail salon technicians are leveling up with pearly white chrome powder. The white with flashes of pink, blue and lavender will absolutely glow mermaidish in the sun. Better yet, go citrus glaze in neon with chrome for summer sizzle.  Brighter renditions of chrome powers buffed over brights like yellow, orange and hot pink keep this trend uber popular.

Aura Nails

Yes, aura nails, those gradient nails created with an airbrush or blooming gel polish are still going strong.  As summer rolls in, we’re seeing more shades of pink and peach garnishing hands..

Blush Nails and Pastel French Manis

pastel tip French manicure

Blush nails always seem to glow thanks to a blend of blush colors on the nails.  We love the neutral any-occasion wearability of this fresh version of the French mani. Alternatively, if you still prefer the classic French manicure and only want it updated, try the pastel nail tip French mani.  It’s fresh, summery and fun.

Lemon Nails

Not big on neutrals?  Check out the hottest summer trend: lemon nails. Citrusy nails look fresh and summery.  If you want more fizz, try gradient color, or add a pop of neon with neon lemon summer nails.  They’re just too tempting to miss.

Jelly Nails

These are back and look adorable for summer.  Their sheer yet bright formulas are the new version of brights. Nails look jelly-like with a high shine, translucent finish. From Green apple to orange marmalade to rhubarb you’re going to love this look.

Nail Effects

We always love the surprise special effects some nail artists create for their clients.  This year, we’ve been seeing more of the cat eye nail gels over a bright color for a look with depth and dimension.  Wait ‘til you see it in the sun – it almost looks 3-D!

Think Green

That’s matcha green, like your iced beverage.  Green is always popular, but especially in summer when everything in nature returns to lush, deep hues of green.  On most of us, sage green looks great and is kind of minimalist, but paired with accents or nail art, it really stands out.

Your Nail Salon is Part of a Special Industry

The nail industry doesn’t just offer a way to earn a living.  It can be a world of art as well. We’re inspired often by the creative designs of our salon clientele.  It’s one more reason GAIA beauty makes sure it carries superior products for our customers. 

Nail Salon Products From GAIA

We’re proud of the wide selection of salon products we carry, but we’re most proud to exclusively offer the Dapping Cup to our customers. It’s an easy way to stay compliant and protect your dip powder manicure patrons.

Other GAIA products include Dip powders, acrylics, lacquers all in every imaginable color and texture.  If you don’t see a color or swatch here that you’re interested in, contact us for a swatch.  We’re right here in Mentor Ohio, so your order will arrive quickly.

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