cleaner solution for gorgeous dip nails

A Cleaner Solution for Dip Nails

Between Nail Salons near me and Dip Powders lies a whole new way for patrons to get beautiful dip nails…safely. So many smart, beautiful women tell us that because they have never experienced a problem, they’re not worried. If their nail technician is not practicing safe dip powder techniques, everybody is at risk. There is a better solution for dip powder manicure safety.

Dip nails outlast all other forms of nail colors.

cleaner solution for gorgeous dip nails

Dip powder manicures are long lasting, beautiful nail treatments. When other manicures just don’t provide essential level of durability, dip powder manicures do. In fact, the normal lifespan of a dip manicure is 3 weeks on average. Because nail technicians professionally remove old manicures through a filing and soaking process. There is only one drawback to the dip nails. That drawback is dealing with a good way to apply the powder to the nail in a safe, even way. By using a method that allows for disinfecting or sanitizing between salon patrons, technicians could provide better dip powder safety. And the answer is easy to buy, easy to use.

Our cleaner method of dip nails is affordable and easy to use.

You’ve seen us talk about it here. The Dapping Cup is exactly that product. Its dipping cup is made of medical grade stainless steel which can be sanitized. Its ingeniously simple design measures the exact amount of dip powder to cover one full manicure. Patrons no longer have to share dip powder with strangers. Now the powder can be measured out manicure by manicure.

Get more benefits from the Dapping Cup.

Salons cut down dramatically on wasted dip powder, and nail technicians don’t have the mess of powder that always seems to end up covering the entire station. As the first reusable dip powder system, the Dapping Cup will save money time after time, even as it makes cleanup a breeze.

Why take the risk when dip nail safety is so affordable?

So why do salons continue to use dip powder containers that have been used over and over by other patrons? The State of Ohio has already said equipment can only be reused if it can be sanitized or disinfected. The dapping cup system can be disinfected, and the patron’s nail dip cup can be sanitized. In fact, it is the only equipment in Ohio that is recognized as a practical solution to safe dip nails.  Unless and until patrons recognize the need for new practices, people may continue to take risks with their customers and their own health. Are you one of them?

The Dapping Cup was invented by GAIA B.D. principal Anthony Nguyen to make salons across Ohio safe for dip powder nails. It is exclusively available here at GAIA Beauty Distribution, for under twenty dollars. It is affordable, compliant and as a safety solution, it’s groundbreaking. Join hundreds of others who want beautiful, durable nails…safely.