quality salon products

We’ve Got Quality Salon Products Right Here

At GAIA Beauty Distribution, we’ve got great nail products in lots of gorgeous colors. We know the nail salon industry inside and out, but we’re a little slower to get our website information completed so customers can find and buy the quality salon products we have in stock. We’ve got people entering our favorite nail products now so soon you can enjoy a virtual shopping trip right here at GAIABD.com.

quality salon products
quality salon products

Order Nail Products in Leading Brands You Love

GAIA beauty distribution is a proud supplier of OPI nail and quality salon products. We feel OPI colors are one of the richest nail color choices out there. Their pinks have a saturation and color density that make them sweet or sizzling, depending on your choice. OPI Corals add a warmth and light reminiscent of warm Spring days and lush spring flowers. Reds flicker with that something deeper in their rich color blends. And blues look like deep pools in each finger. No matter what color family you choose, OPI is offers more…in every hue. So of course one of the quality salon products GAIA BD stocks is OPI nail products in several different options for what our customers need.

We Have Great Salon Products Like OPI Nail Lacquer

The colors are amazing but OPI nail lacquer is the number one salon brand worldwide for a reason. If your clients have weekly nail service and love to try new shades, they will love this. There are hundreds of colors to choose from and every one is sure to conjure a smile from your patrons.

OPI Infinite Shine

For those clients who love trying new shades, but just can’t make it into the salon every week, the OPI Infinite Shine could be the answer. Some customers don’t want the soak off removal nor the two weeks of the longer lasting gel polish. The process includes Prime, lacquer and gloss and delivers rich, uber vivid color in over a hundred shades.

Few people know that OPI Infinite Shine formula is a blend of lacquer technology and gel technology. It cures from exposure to ambient light, delivering up to 11 days of gel-like color and shine.

OPI Gel Color

OPI GelColor is a professional three-step system, with the GelColor Base Coat, the GelColor Polish and the GelColor Top Coat. The combination requires an LED light to Cure.

GelColor customers love that the color and shine lasts up to two weeks of color and shine that doesn’t need touchup. The OPI GelColor system is more durable than hybrid gels because the GelColor Base Coat is pure gel formulation. This Base coat primes the nails for firm locked on color, and is also available in strengthening and ridge filling formulas.

OPI Powders

Some clients need a stronger, more durable nail treatment. OPI powders offer rich vibrant colors in a nearly impenetrable coat that lasts up to three weeks.

Sometimes your patrons need a little nudge to level up to a longer lasting nail products in their service. When you see your existing client pick up her regular color bottle of lacquer, help her upgrade by sharing information on a longer lasting option, such as infinite shine or gel. She may not immediately take your suggestion, but don’t be discouraged. When she does move to the longer lasting OPI nails, she’ll appreciate your help.

GAIA Sells Quality Salon Products

GAIA sells lots of quality beauty products, and we’re proud of each of them. From OPI nail products to our exclusive Dapping Cup, we can’t tell you how excited we are to offer them for sale to our customers. Dapping Cup improves salon safety, while other GAIA products include Dip powders, acrylics, lacquers all in every imaginable color and texture. If you don’t see a color or swatch here that you’re interested in, msg us for a swatch. We’re right here in Mentor Ohio, and ship quickly for fast hassle free delivery.