Is your salon at risk

Is Your Salon at Risk? Beauty Salon Injury

Today, beauty salon owners face risk from increasingly aggressive state inspectors and personal injury attorneys. There is even a fairly recent category of personal injury law called beauty salon injury, and it can cost you thousands to millions of dollars if a claim is filed against you. Is your salon at risk from personal injury attorneys? find out and then consider the steps that can protect you and your salon.

What is beauty salon injury law?

Any accident or injury that occurred at a beauty salon and was not the fault of the patron is referred to as a beauty salon injury. The more services your salon offers, the more risk your salon faces.

A few beauty salon injuries statistics

  • At least one salon-related job injury has been experienced by more than 70% of employees in the beauty sector.
  • The majority of claims for beauty injury treatment are alleged to be due to the negligence of the beauty treatment employees.
  • When salon employees follow basic safety procedures, nearly all beauty salon injuries are entirely preventable.

Types of injuries that put your salon at risk

Infections put your salon at risk.

When technicians aren’t vigilant with cleaning chemicals and maintaining cleanliness, infections may result.  Nail salons face this injury more than others because Infections are more likely when the skill is pulled back and nicked during manicures and pedicures.

Due to the potential for skin torn or injured during the waxing procedure, patrons can be at a higher risk for illness.  That connection has driven juries to recognize a link between waxing and infections.

Lacerations, cuts, and disfigurement put your salon at risk.

The chemicals, scissors, and cutting tools used by salon professionals leaves nail technicians vulnerable to beauty salon injury claims.  Improper use of Nail salon the tools and equipment cause accidents.  So does improper equipment disinfection.

Past compensation awarded in salon injury cases

Maryland 2006

During the pedicure the technician cut a patron’s toe slightly with a credo blade, causing it to bleed. Concerned, the plaintiff sought HIV/AIDS testing for 16 months because she was concerned the blade was contaminated.  her fears were based on witnessing the improper storage of the credo blade in a crayon box. 

The salon claimed that the testing was unnecessary, since the patron remained asymptomatic. The salon felt the patron was acting out of paranoia.

The Jury awarded her $227, 267

Washington 2019

In a different nail salon, a Washington woman developed a MRSA (Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus) infection on one of her toes. The patron claimed that her nail technician showered her foot used a contaminated instrument to scrape off her calluses.  The patron filed a suit against the salon owner for failure to properly train the technician.

The jury awarded the salon patron $23,970.

There are other cases, and the awards range from $10,000 to $1,000,000 depending on the type, nature of cause and the severity of the injuries. 

Protect your salon from nail salon injury claims

Though a claim must be proven, avoiding claims altogether, through diligent practices is the best defense. Not practicing sanitary procedures puts your salon at risk. Cleaning equipment is the most efficient way to protect yourself and your technicians from injury claims and inspector citations.  We know some of the equipment is disposable, but it raises costs.

The Dapping Cup from GAIA Beauty Distribution can protect you and your patrons from claims on dip manicures. With just a full twist, The Dapping Cup measures out just enough powder for a dip powder manicure on one patron.  Because the cup is medical grade stainless steel, it ‘s hostile to germs. The cup and it’s holding cup can be disinfected between patrons. There are so many pitfalls in defense against beauty salon injury claims, but you can protect yourself by diligent cleanliness practices, and the Dapping Cup is an inexpensive way to keep dip powder manicures safe in your salon.

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