GAIA Has it from GAIA Nail Polish to Tools & Supplies

The best manicures, whether gel, dip powder or acrylic, are done with GAIA nail supplies. We offer many quality manicure products and tools. We’ve been so excited about the Dapping Cup, that we might have missed telling you about our other great nail salon gel, lacquer, acrylic and powder options. No matter how you plan to achieve the manicures your patrons crave, GAIA Beauty Distribution has what you need.  It’s time we shared why GAIA is the right source for quality nail supplies.

Our GAIA Nail Supply Quality Pledge

GAIA Beauty Distribution is dedicated to providing the highest quality and most innovative products for the nail supply industry. Regardless of where your professional salon is found in the United States, we will ship everything you need quickly and efficiently. If you need it, we have it. From nail polish in a variety of textures, colors and options to UV lamps and now the Dapping Cup, we stock it at GAIA. Every product we supply is original and genuine and always will be.

The GAIA Nail System

Gel nails begin with the best GAIA nail system. Get the full set from prep/bond to base, activator, shine top and brush cleanser. If you already have most of the items needed, fill in with the individual supplies you need. Besides supplies, GAIA has walls and walls of product too. We have every color and finish in dip powder, gel polish, nail lacquer and acrylic. If your clients love glitter and gem finishes for the holiday crowd, GAIA has it. Looking for unique colors so you can create your art? GAIA has those too.

GAIA Nail Apple, OPI and Gelish Gels and Dipping Powders Too!

GAIA nail gels, lacquers and dipping powders

Your clients will love the richness of color for their matching Pedis for their Manis. Besides OPI and Gelish, check out our Apple Gel Matching Colors. Ensure High Quality Soak-Off Gel Polish Advances Formula. The luminous Nail Color applies faster and feels thinner with fine brush application. It has a great finish and can last up to 25 days! Your clients will love the way it make their nails stronger, healthier and stays stunning for weeks! Other Quality Brands, like OPI and Gelish will have your patrons feeling pampered and special with a difference you can see in the hands.

Fall and Winter Colors are In at GAIA

Get fall and winter colors at GAIA

The fall and winter colors are here! Our Dipping Powders Come in Every Imaginable Color and Finish and when your nail technicians use the Dapping Cup Patrons have beautiful and sanitary SNS nails. In fact, we believe the Dapping Cup will change the way dip powder manicures will be done.

Supplies that Keep Your Nail Technicians Compliant

Dapping Cup -GAIA nail safety and Compliance
Dapping Cup – GAIA Nail Safety and Compliance

Even if you think you have everything you need to run your nail salon, take a moment to learn about this dip nail Dapping Cup.  It will keep your salon compliant and your patrons safe from the risks of shared dipping cups. If you don’t look at any of our polishes, at least check out the dapping cup. You will love how easy it makes your cleanup and disinfection processes, and it’s far sturdier than the disposable cups.  Click here to learn more.

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